I do S.A.D. stuff, but I long to breath it every waking moment. At this point, I’m far behind. I wish I could just write out and work with my equations on the board spontaneously without ever fumbling for my notes. Really, I wonder how people do it. They must really breath it. So much that things flow out seamlessly from their brains. My advisor who was once taught by Richard Feynman, shared that a physicist needs to train himself to always be able to work as though he were on an island, without extraneous props. I agreed with him after thinking through. It is true that no man is an island, no man can be totally self-sufficient in a self-contained world of knowledge, without being omniscient. However, one can always start from the basics one knows, and then branch out hierarchically down into the problem itself.


~ by musafiremes on April 23, 2007.

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