Yangtze mementoes: Part 1

Chongqing. May 26th.

It started in an almost crudely hilarious but a cute cartoonish way when suddenly, a few dark-haired heads materialized and hovered curiously, amidst cacophonies of heavily-accented Mandarin, over the itinerary sheet my father was reading on his seat at the airport before departure. Their eyes were inevitably glued on the words 重庆 (chong qing) on the sheet in father’s hands. Hours later through the air of southern China, we arrived at a Hong Kong-owned hotel. It was a foggy dawn. Some lights were not on in the lobby. Our room was immaculately simple, spacious. An anticipation dawned within me – to experience at long last, even if a measly portion, the imaginations conjured up during intimate readings of Peter Hessler’s River Town.

 Chongqing cultural avenue


~ by musafiremes on June 5, 2007.

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