Yangtze mementoes: Part 3

Yuanjiajie. May 29th.

Amidst the foggy air in the forest of mountains again. There was however a strange clarity in the mountain air, a pristine lens which brought the mountains sharply into focus in 3-dimensional watercolor paintings. We wandered along winding railed pathways, almost hovering in the rarefied air, clinging precariously to the sharp craggy edges of the mountains. Bamboo sedan chair-carriers squeezed us to the mountainside, but we were afraid for their passengers. Just as a band of tribal dancers and a world-renowned tribal musician called on to the rest, the 1st Bridge Under The Heavens beckoned to us in the distance – a natural arch-like rock formation linking 2 mountains, almost immediately under the clouds. Lured into the hanging maze of pathways, we were hopelessly lost, but fortunately greeted at the end of the seemingly endless route by a throng of people awaiting buses. Our tour group has split into 2 camps. Woken up from his lackadaisical tour-leading and lax head-counts, the tour guide became frantic. We loitered helplessly at the bus stop. Some, via cellphones, tried to call the other camp, already anxious after waiting through 10 songs and dances performed by the tribal band. Some asked an ice-cream-selling local vendor – she frowned at the accented Mandarin, and was not of much help. Half an hour later, the tour guide, panting, found us. The group reunited and within 2 minutes, descended back to earth via the Bailong Lift.



~ by musafiremes on June 16, 2007.

One Response to “Yangtze mementoes: Part 3”

  1. Back to earth, and straight into a pearl-and-crystal jewelery-selling center reliving the classic scene of the con-man cum actor preying on overseas Chinese tourists (vividly portrayed in the Cantonese comedy “开心宾馆”) no less!

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