In hindsight

Hindsight is positively the greatest perspective one could ever have of the events in one’s life and even, that of collective history – a pinstruck of realization recently, which retrieved a piece of text from my memory bank – that of Tehillim 139. One may think that such verses are like the opiate of the mind and soul, a kind of prop to assuage pain induced by unbearable events. I would tend to think the contrary, for the realization that there is One who knows all, and that all His Ways are goodly, pure, perfect, and that there is only One who is in control, who runs the universe according to perfect rules, perfectly just and infinitely merciful, where one’s actions, each and everyone of them, are weighed with such infinite precision, one that blows away even the most precise atomic measurements achieved by man – midah k’neged midah, is one that forces us to surrender control that we so desperately try to hold on to – to maintain a sense of security in familiar territory.

Hindsight – indeed like a polarizer that aligns our view along that which is essential, blotting out all kinds of aberrations, that which have kept us in stupefied bewilderment, as we were travelling along that dark tunnel, groping about in helplessness, in numbing pain. Yes, in hindsight,

…how glorious are Your thoughts, O God! How very great are their headings!

Tehillim 139:17


~ by musafiremes on September 5, 2007.

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