Character over personality

It is ironic how the theory of evolution and its followers, self-prophesy. When people behave like animals and value only characteristics of the lower self – which is also present in animals albeit in an even more lowered level (re: Derech Hashem), the formulation of a theory that justifies the lineage of humans from animals, comes as no surprise.

It is the irony of ironies, which thus now gives me the opportunity to pounce on a soliloquy on the difference…between personality…and character… As in, animals have personalities too, but… not character. Animals know not what morality is – nay, they know not the fortitude of uprightness, the integrity of probity, the gravity of moral choices and free will, the empathy of compassion and pure generosity, the precision of analysis in the process of redirecting and perfecting one’s natural inclinations, which only humans are capable of via the higher selves that they are endowed with. Nay, animals do what they are programmed to do. Chimpanzees and dolphins manifest the intelligence that they are naturally endowed with – no moral choices are involved. So is humor, talent, wittiness, intelligence, for example, and even care for one’s kin, of the same quality – they are amoral, merely manifestations of natural gifts bestowed upon their possessors, or characteristics that belie the natural order of things. Manifesting one’s natural gifts is as easy as cashing a check in the bank – it is devoid of any inspiring greatness.

But humans are – and this fact is rarely acknowledged – capable of something that is wholly on a different level than merely manifesting their natural gifts. This is the perfection of one’s character traits via moral choices, decisions and constant struggle over an opposing inclination, to perfect oneself, to acquire the qualities that will stay in one’s core person, forever. Nay, personality does not define a person. Character does. Gifts can be reclaimed by the giver, but that which we earned via self-effort – that, will remain with us forever. But alas, are we so conditioned to a flawed definition, that we are blind even to ourselves? If such is our fate, then, yes, we are descended from apes.


~ by musafiremes on September 7, 2007.

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