Straddling worlds

Pondering upon the viability of straddling worlds, thus the questions: Is it viable to straddle theism and academia, which worships atheism and thus rejects creationism? Even within theism, is it viable to straddle Judaism and the non-Jewish world of illusory values and cyclical and anti-teleologically mundane pursuits? In academia, what of straddling its fundamental worship of the human intellect, and the consideration of it as only a tool in the mission to understand reality as it has been created and is being sustained each moment; straddling the manic advance of dehumanization and the understanding that a human is not pure intellect, but a soul? Is it possible to maintain sanity inhabiting such conflicting worlds? In such a circumstance, and at the same time straddling the East and West, is it possible at all to successfully contribute to any of these worlds? Or must one choose?


~ by musafiremes on November 10, 2007.

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